Marwan Asmar, Director of Civility Experts Lebanon, Founder and President of Roleplay NGO, and Founder of “M.A.Powers” & “La Maison de l’étiquette”(Finishing Houses) ,he is one of only six Master Certified Civility trainers in the world and he thrilled to add the role of Director of Train the Trainer Programs Lebanon and the middle east under the Civility Experts Worldwide umbrella and the ICTC(International Civility Trainers Consortium), Character Coach for children & Adult. In addition to 12 years hands on experience in M.I.C.E industry, TV production and publishing industry Marwan is a published author and seasoned curriculum developer who is also a candidate for Certification as a Life Coach(ICF accreditation).
Marwan believes that naturally, Civility is in our body, we just have to show it. That’s why his trainings & coaching are stamped with customized program design based on the body preparation on How to show your skills & improve your personal identity through any kind of relationship with a touch of acting coaching based on motivational approach and sports spirit.Marwan is a certified Master trainer who has received international accreditation from Civility Experts World Wide and the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium (ICTC) he has the right to execute and certify TOT trainings. He has received excellent reviews and feedback on his training sessions.
Marwan has worked on various projects to help improve Personal & Professional communication skills by working on the following areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence , social intelligence and personality type awareness.
  • Body preparation & self-awareness to communicate effectively as a trainer , coach and as a person.
  • Acting Coaching to help reach hidden areas of childhood that are barriers of effective communication, and Personal development
  • BLT technique (Breath Look & Touch)
  • Character Coaching to Adapt and reach elegance in communication.
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