Character Coaching and Youth Etiquette training in the Middle East
Workshops in Lebanon-KSA-Dubai-Qatar-Jordan..


M.A.Powers with its Youth training hand, “The Etiquette House “ have the ultimate objective to nurture successful Youth, by working on key areas of success in life. Well, social abilities have been highlighted as those key areas of success. Social intelligence is more predictive of success than IQ and academic achievement.
The ability to interact with others is part of social intelligence. When a child is not able to greet others properly, when he is not able to shake hands and establish eye contact, he is assumed to be shy or over polite. Unfortunately, this is not true. The cause behind such a behavior is the child’s lack of knowledge of social skills.
Our Youth are polite but they do not know when and how to express themselves!
Here comes the role of social training. This training solves this problem using active education strategies where role-play techniques are at its core. It also allows the child to practice the skills learned on stage in a safe environment before he or she implements those skills in a real
setting. Raising awareness on that specific issue has major positive effects on the child’s Character since it:
-Raises self-awareness
-Raises more confidence on the level of the daily social behavior.
This training helps children adopt the “right” behavior for a specific setting or event. It targets the following skills:
Introduction of oneself skills
Table manners skills
Communication skills and body language interpretation
Listening and conflict resolution skills
And much more..
Marwan Asmar

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